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We are always happy to provide any information you might need about Albania and the process of how to buy a property in Albania.

general Manager

Gloden has been a Bank Manager for over a decade and has excellent knowledge of the Real Estate Business in Albania. His experience in the Banking sector is very valuable in the property buying process in Albania. He graduated top of the class from the Business School of Economics in Elbasan Albania. He always operates with professionalism and integrity to provide the best solution for his clients over the years. Gloden speaks Albanian, English, Italian, and Greek. 

Sales representative

Michael graduated from Houston Community  College in Business. He operates out of the United States and facilitates our operations with foreign clients. He speaks Albanian, English, Greek and  Italian. He helps foreign buyers to find their property in Albania. Michael will assist with any advices regarding your investment in Albania.

Sales Manager

Andi is a graduate of the Business School of Economics in the University of Tirana. He has a long experience in Real Estate Operations and Sales. Whatever your needs may be, Andi has the knowledge and the answers to your needs. He is well known for his excellent client service and the speed of execution. Andi will help with any necessary negotiations when you want to buy a property in Albania.

Real Estate Agent

Ian has many years of experience in International Real Estate Operations. He is a Broker in Houston Texas and operates as our representative in the United States of America. Ian provides coaching and training to our new agents. We are proud to be a leader in the Albanian Real Estate sector. Our agents learn from the best and become the best in the industry. Ian is a graduate of the University of Houston and is one of the most successful Real Estate agents there. 

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