About albania

About albania


Where is albania?

Albania is in southeastern Europe in the Balkans area. Albania shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo in the north, North Macedonia in the east, Greece in the south and sea borders with Italy in the west. 


Albanians speak Albanian but they are multilingual do to a significant number of Albanians living abroad. It is very easy to find someone that speaks foreign languages in Albania.

The weather

Albania has very mild winters and hot and dry summers. The country has around 300 days of sun during a year. The climate is typical Mediterranean and it rarely snows in Albania.


Tirana is the capital city of Albania and around 1 million people live inside the city and in the suburbs. Tirana offers a large variety of entertainment and is a vivid Metropolitan area. 

albanian castles

You will find ancient castles all over Albania. Some of them were built during the medieval years while other where build during the Illyrian era. Berat, Shkoder, Butrint, Gjirokaster, Durres and Elbasan castles are worth visiting.

other significant cities in albania

Durres is the second largest city of Albania and its largest international port. It is very close to the capital, Tirana. Shkoder is one of the biggest cities in the north of Albania, while Vlore and Sarande are some of the cities with the best beaches. Berat in central Albania is a very picturesque medieval city. 


Albania has a long and complicated history. The territory has been inhabited since the bronze era and many occupiers eyed our beautiful country’s territories. Albania has been a part of the Roman empire, the Byzantine empire and the Ottoman empire. 

religion in albania

Albania is well known for its religious tolerance. The country has 4 major religions and they all coexist in harmony. Albania has been praised internationally for its religious tolerance. Only in Albania you can see a church right next to a mosque.

albanian politics

Albania was under a ruthless communist for almost 50 years but now Albania is a democratic European country. Albania is a safe country and a member of the NATO alliance. Albania is a candidate for the European Union and that will dramatically affect the Real Estate prices in Albania in the future.

how can i travel to albania?

You can come to Albania by air, land or sea. Albania is close proximity of almost every European country. Its location is ideal for foreign tourists.

albania has the most affordable sea view real estate in europe

Investing in Albania will be very profitable. The Real Estate is cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. You can find sea view properties in the Adriatic or the Ionian sea. Beach front villas and homes for sale in Albania offer stunning views. The nature in Albania is still virgin and ready for discovery.

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